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She talks to Angels.

Mildly eventful week.

Barely done anything in school. But, yet again, complex fractions kicked my ass. I just can't grasp those things. Every year I work and work to try and get them, and then I take the quiz on it and everything just flies out of my head. I'm banning complex fractions from the world, would anyone be upset?

Exciting swing with the Irondequoit boys. Spatolla IMed me on my old screen name the other night. It's been at least 2 years. We both said we always think of each other, but never have time to actually talk. But it was a good conversation, just like old times, even better. As soon as I get my license, I'm visiting them. PLUS. Paul is auditioning for schools for music education, too! This is why he is my favorite. Things between Brian and I are good as always, he's my brotha, but he got a tongue ring! It's pretty darn cool if you ask me, I left a comment that almost made myself sick. :D Oh how I miss the Irondequoit boys. I do, I do, I do-o.

Things with Charles are good as always. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I get to see him one last itme this weekend before I leave the country. Where, Cory informed me, I will receive herpes from the dirt. Love you too, Captain. ;P

Mucho excited about drama club, but wish it was longer. The read-through was really fun, I enjoy my part, and love my "siblings". Alex makes the perfect Edmund, and Emily read the White Witch perfectly, too bad she didn't get a part. Laura has already complained to Mrs. Allison about her lack of speaking lines, so I got to hear all about it from Deb and Joan after rehearsal. It'll be interesting to see how the play turns out. Looks like the tentative dates are that weekend where its the last day of March, first few days of April. We're probably doing 3 performances, I would love anyone who wanted to attend one, por favor. :)

Got to go to Peer LEadership quite a few times this week. My kids are one of the best parts of this year, and it's getting better every time I go over. They all make me sit next to them and love to play the games with me. Mrs. Harrison and I have a really good relationship, too, we talk about all kinds of things and she gives me advice. Plus, I get to help the kids in their regular classroom now. I told Mr. Bay I love the time I get to spend with his kids, and he offered for me to work in the classroom with them. I went and helped during a study hall during chorus, helping the kids to read and work on their spelling worksheets. It got me thinking that I wish I was going to college for elementary education. Which leads to my next point.

I got my letter from Naz last night. I was hoping it would be my scholarship package, but it was actually a letter stating I wasn't ready for the program yet. I was crushed at first, I bawled like my heart was broken, which only made my Mama cry. But once I was over the initial shock, I was fine. I'm sure they're right. I was only given 4 months in which to learn opera, and I did a great job, but I am no where near as trained as the other auditioners. Most of the girls said they'd been training for 4 years or more. 4 years as oppossed to 4 months is quite a difference. But I worked my ass off and I know I did a good job given the time frame. It hurts a little because rejection always does, but I'm proud of all I did. 

I am now going to go for just an Education degree, which I am really excited about, and now I can also focus on learning to sing classically for my own enjoyment. Takes a lot of the pressure off. I can apply to a ton more colleges now, since many schools have Education degrees. Nazareth said they still wanted me to attend the school, so I wrote back saying it was still my first choice and would like to attend for education. Now I just have to see what kind of financial package they give me. And if it's a sucky one, I'm willing to pay student loans out the butt 'till I'm retired. That's how much I know Nazareth is the school for me. 

I've also decided that I want to handle as much as the finances for college as I can. I know my parents would be willing to help as much as they could, they're so proud of all I've done, but with all that Jamie has caused the family, finances are incredibly tight, so I want to help all that I can. Nazareth is what I want, and I'll work for it.

I love when I get Columbian fleeces for 20 bucks. It made my day.

I refuse to bring that bright orange and blue backpack EF tours provided us all to bring on the trip. If I'm going to bring that, I might as well just write "Mug me, I'm American" and be done with it. No thank you.

Lesterface and I talked last night, and he's been thinking lately of applying to colleges for music education. We've always talked of going to college together, and now that he's actually thinking of it, it makes other things that have happened recently hurt less. I also looked at Sterling for him, but I wouldn't even get to visit before a deposit would be due. So it's just not possible. But even if we didn't attend the same college, having him closer would be great. Not to mention, Charles is thinking of going to school locally, which is the best news I've heard in my life.

And now I need to stop writing. I can't wait to spend tonight with Charles and I can't WAIT to leave for Costa Rica tomorrow. Ecstatic is a dramatic understatement right now. I just hope my flight isn't cancelled due to weather like poor Erinn's was. Honeoye was going to Spain, I hope they got to take a later flight. WISH ME LUCK!

Love you, Charles. Have a good 10 days, everyone.
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