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I could say "best trip ever" right now and it wouldn't even BEGIN to describe it. I'm just going to put everything I can remember,in a somewhat chronological order.

-Sunday. Rode with Will, Austin, Jamie and Deidre to the airport. Jamie's mom is a "cool mom" (think Mean Girls). Austin left her passport in the parking lot. Our flight got delayed so we had to sit next to those weird statues for 2 hours. I slept sitting up. Kaitlynn taught us Palace, which was played the rest of the trip. Sat with Will and Austin the last stretch of the flight, ate an in-flight meal (delicious! surprisingly non-toxic), discussed Will's love life, and watched The Legend Of Zorro.
Sunday night. Got to the hotel around 11. The site was beautiful, it looked like we were in Italy. We ate a midnight out on the terrace in the moonlight, hotel was in front of an ancient, beautiful opera house.Took an hour to get into the rooms, shared one with the senior girls. All woke up and street watched out our window the next morning. 

-Monday. Damn @ keys take strategic planning to type on spanish keyboards. Ate breakfast (our first taste of FRUIT!) on the terrace. Went to the INBIO ecological park, tour guide was adorable. Had to enter a hut surrounded by ants in cages on the wall and ceiling. Jamie got into a giant plastic turtle shell. Bought lots of presents for friends and family.

And from here on, time was lost. So I'll just give stories.
-Went to see the crater. Blustery cold, stinking sulfur. Drove back down mountain to eat first lunch in authentic Costa Rican restauraunt. First, and definetely not last, meal of rice and beans. It was delicious. Other groups showed up. Listened to the Mass. group's bad mix CD, Everytime We Touch and The Numa Numa Song became some our trip anthems. 

-Got to the Cataratas resort-beautiful, got to stay in cabins. Beetle the size of my mother-loving fist in our yard.
-Went to the Baldi hotsprings, an exotic over-the-top resort where they had giant pools heated by the volcano. It was amazing. Alicia and I sat at the bar (located in the middle of a pool!) and ordered virgin Pina Coladas. It was sweet-we got to sit in the water, drinking our drinks at the counter. The bartender attempted to hit on us in Spanish, Alicia had to explain it all to me. Everyone kept traveling in packs, that was the beginning of the Ian flirtations (Niki vs. Deidre).  Nick and I bonded over musicals, all the girls sang along while some guy sang "All By Myself" in the big building nearby.

-Niki was pretty boycrazy over the trip. SHe first spent all her with Ian, then ditched him for DJ, who she spent time with the rest of the trip. Her and Deidre fought over DJ. I'm so glad I stayed out of it.

-Tried to have an informal "dance" at Cataratas the 2nd night. Ian DJed, Deidre and I were the first to dance. I led her out onto the dance floor. :) All the Naples gals spent time getting dressed up because we wanted to dance. Everyone else left. Danced to Ian's hip hop, climax was reached when all the Naples girls, the drunk chaperone and an old man danced to "Sweet Home Alabama" in a circle. Went to hangout in the guys room afterward where "water" was being drank. The whole group was in there, we just laid on the beds talking. TOby almost got raped by the soccer chic at 2 in the morning.

-Went to the waterfall in La Fortuna when we were at Cataratas. Over 600 treacherous steps down a CLIFF. But it was so much fun. The waterfall was like being at the glen, and freezing cold. Climbed all over the rocks with Nick. Everyone had problems going back up.

-Went to Monteverde next. Paperthin walls in the hotel, roomed with the senior girls. Went salsa dancing at a local bar one of the nights, good American food served by hotel. DJ and the spanish kids, all the girls were "chicos" and the boys "chicas". All hung out in a big group in the lobby the second night, playing cards and talking. The weird girls yelled at us, tattled on us, then said "Dont make me tattle on you!" in that singsong voice. THe rest of the night was spent tormenting them-Nick dropped the armchair back in front of their room, "sincere apologies", we were waiting for a goal in the soccer game so we could all yell "GOAL!". I laughed so hard that night. Played indoor soccer on this awesome outdoor turf field on the top of the mountain. We went balls out and it was so much fun.

-Hike in the cloud forest reserve SUCKED. It was two hours of the most strenuous hike I've ever been on in my life. Got to wear big ugly boots. Took a picture with a warthog before we started. Hehe.  First part was fine, we traveled in a group. Ian's gas, 'nuff said. The way back was all uphill and everyone almost died. I was on the verge of an attack the entire time. We all drank Coke and bought that cake stuff when we got back.

-The beach hotel was AWESOME. Roomed with the senior girls in a cool little cabin room. Outdoor showers were awesome, even though they weren't intended for full body showering. :) Hit the beach as soon as we got there. We all played together in the waves, sun tanned, built a huge castle. We were all having mudfights and tackling and chasing each other on the beach and into the water. I can't even recall how many times I chased and was attacked. Nick layed like a beached whale at the shore line. I built a giant mudpit with the girls, we did our own spa treatments. Hung out on the deck/bar with everyone all night, both nights. Pool was played, the puppy was named, we did Karaoke one night. THe only downer was when we went for the moonlight walk on the beach. I've avoided going stargazing since they bought the star for Ronan after he died, I had forgotten all about it. I cried on the beach, it was horrible. Played on the beach in the morning.

-The zipline was INCREDIBLE. There were 16 of them, the best one was the last-I finally got to look around, it went all the way across the valley. Kaitlynn, Deidre and I were petrified to do the first one. It was fine when I started, but then I got stuck and twirled around and hand to climb backwards and upside down hand over hand to the next station. I was terrified, screaming and crying. The guy understood, and said it happened lots. I got chained to the cool down rope. :) The rest were awesome. I DID THE TARZAN SWING!!! The Tarzan swing is where you go up onto a tower, and you hold onto a long rope, like a vine. They push you off the tower, you free fall to the ground, then the rope catches you and you swing out over the forest. It was SO COOL. They made sure they videotaped me doing it because they knew I would be a good one. Those jerks. The spanish male belayers were such ladies men, it was hilarious. I met this cool older guy who was traveling on his own with his friends who was like a really cool version of Mike Boyle. "Adios guapas!"

-The boys sang "Dontcha" on the boatride.

-Will and I listened to my iPod for 3 hours on the bus. We have exact taste in music, no one else ever quite appreciates my iPod. We sat there singing and talking the whole time, saying "You like this song?! I like this song!" It was a once in a lifetime bonding experience.

-"Hero" became one of our themesongs. Tom started it. He serenaded us with it. Him and DJ would sing it over the bus intercom.

-6 hour bus rides almost every day.

-Played on the beach at Manuel Antonio. Saw what was suppossed to be a "sloth", just looked like the tree trunk to me. Went on the catamoran cruise, we all got fried. Got to lay on the cool nets over the water. Went snorkeling, got bashed into the reef. Threw food to the giant fish in the water, everyone jumped off the boat.

-Got called a hippie by Ian and the boys the whole time. Too bad I'm not. Carter said "I was his beautiful hippie though".

-Carter was one of our chaperones, it was just like having G on the trip. They sound exactly the same and I became his girl just like G. He would harrass me and tell me all his jokes and wink at me the whole time. He was so much fun.

-The group discovered my "bird laugh". I can't help it. When something makes me truly laugh hard, it comes out. There's no stopping it. So then they kept doing the things they knew would bring it on, so I'd laugh. Then they'd all laugh at my laugh. It was a vicious cycle.

-The last night we all layed on the basketball court togehter. We were all laying on each other and singing our songs. We hung out in our end of the hallway when we had to go inside-Ian did the "Ian face", we did superhero poses and thinking poses with tom, Palace was played, etc etc. The last night was so much fun. The bird laugh came out again, mostly because they making sure it did. Bastards.

-We all spent the last morning together by the pool. Ian twisted his happy trail and nipple hair into little dreads. Gross. Icecream runs. Tom's group was first to leave, we were so sad to see them go. Especially Tom. Playing tennis on the courts. The Naples group got to stay an extra afternoon and night, we had the hotel to ourselves. THe girls crammed into a tiny room after an icecream run to watch Jersey Girl. Then we invaded the boys room to watch it. Poker party that night, "Gracias mucho!".  Our busdriver only speaks Spanish, so I wrote the only thing I could on his thank-you card. Too bad the real way to say it is "Mucho gracias", unknown to me at the time. "DANG IT!"

-"Wheres my buttah?!"

-Costa Rican salsa sauce on everything we ate.

-The day my chai tea exploded everywhere, TWICE, at the all natural coffee shop. The girl thought Nick and I were siblings. Then my bottle of salsa exploded too. Dang it.

-Going into town all the time to use internet, shop, buy icecream.

-Everyone rocking out in the back of the bus at night to the techno in "Everytime We Touch"

-RENT!, everyone making me listen to it on headphones

-Accents. :) 20 minute discussions every day where we all just kept repeating the same words over and over to compare the different accents. The Mass. group said "wicked" and their chaperones had Boston accents- "Park the car in Harvard yard". The Long Islanders had crazy New York accents: "couffe", "wauta", "caull".


-Pablo's 10 minute speech over the bus intercom about how much he hates Nicaraguans and how they destroy Costa Rica. And fight like chickens.

-Fun times in Atlanta airport on way home. Cosmo, soduko, I tricked the Ben and Jerry's man. Mmmmm.

Charles and my dad were there to pick me up at the airport. It was so good to see them. We gave Jamie a ride home, we talked about the trip nonstop the whole way.

It was the trip of a lifetime. The group is still pretty close at school, we all talk now. And we all talk to the costa rican-ers online, and I created a myspace group for us, and we all just talk about the trip all the time. It's so pathetic, everyone's got it in their profiles, and no one but us understands the bond. :) I miss everyone so much and would go on the trip again first chance I got. We're all invited to DJ's for a week at the beginning of summer, but unfortunately it's right when camp starts. We're going to have reunion tours, though.

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