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Looks like home to me.

Haven't wrote in a long time. I wrote an entry about finishing the play, but I accidentally backspaced and it all got deleted. Bogeys. Oh well.

Rockband is awesome. We had a really good rehearsal before school ended, Will and I are tight. :) The kid really is like my brother. But I brought all my Legend cds and we picked out some new material. We started working on "Get It On" by T. Rex which Kickbush loved, and we're doing "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum, possibly "Heartache Tonight" by The Eagles and "Crazy on You" by Heart if the boys will stop being pansies and learn to play the guitar. We had pizza and Will and I sang our lungs out, I got to be opinionated (the boys actually listened!) and I got to shout at Kickbush Will, Kickbush and I all jammed out with the stereo and Kickbush kept turning down the music just so he could hear me, it was pretty flattering praise from the man. 'Twas a good night.

We did a concert for the elementary for "Music In Our Schools" month a few weeks ago for rockband. The kids all sang songs (awesome songs through the decades) and dressed up for their appropriate decade. Despite only one grade having the '60s, I'd say at least 3/4 of the kids dressed in tie-dye, bandannas, and bell bottoms for their costumes. Kids these days... It took a lot to set up and take down the equipment, but it was worth it. We had the whole gym rocking when we did "Takin' Care of Business", Will and I were really into it.

I got a pretty yellow dress for prom. I need to go get all my other shite, I'm thinking all gold accessories and makeup. Charles mom actually made us get paint samples to match his tux to my dress. Needless to say, Charles was not pleased with her enforcing this.

Speaking of Charles, we're back together and things are great. It's unfortunate that it took breaking up to get back that loving feeling, but at least it's back, that's all that matters. The weekend we got back together, I went to the five hour course in Fairport and then he came and picked me up and we went back to his house for the weekend. It was really uncomfortable at first, I was pretty upset but we made up and had a lot of fun the rest of the weekend. We explored Thousand Acre Swamp for his Eagle project and went to dinner at Applebee's where I couldn't stop laughing because the golf commentary definetely inspired my dirty mind. Charles had to leave me the next day to go work on a project but we ended up getting to spend the afternoon together because my dad had to work late. Not to mention I got to watch Brokeback, or "Get off my back Mountain" as Charles and Todd like to call it, those classy men.

Marching band is a lot of fun. Katie Brockman and I are the new drum majors, which is awesome. There's very few older kids, but we have fun. We just giggle the whole time. And I love the actual Majoring bit, the arms are fun. I love getting to say 'Turn it up!' during "Sweet Home Alabama", and calling the commands. Katie and I are such wimps about it but at least we try. It's going ot be sweet when we start marching. I think we're getting cowboy hats for our costumes!!! =D It's also a good time to spend with brajah Will, we always walk back to the bandroom together and discuss all our latest. The conversation we had Wednesday was sweet, "Will you should play the field, man", "There's only one rose in the Naples field".

Charles and I got to spend the first part of vacation together, our parents were sweet and worked it out so we could spend the weekend together. Mom drove me up and Charles had to leave almost immmediately to go to an openhouse at RIT, so I watched movies for 4 hours. It was worth it, though, because Charles really liked it there. It would be nice to have him in the area. That night Steven took us out on the town in Ra-cha-cha. Charles and I went for a walk and played basketball in the driveway for awhile while we waited- bets were made, granny shots and behind the backs were thrown. I think we both know who the ultimate shooter in our pair is. :) Yeah....not me. Fooled ya, didn't I? But anyways, Steve picked us up and we went to Java's for my first time, wandered the Rochester streets, then to The Little to see "Thank You For Smoking" which I was too tired to get much of. Then I fell asleep in the car and twas woken up when hey took me to Empire Hots to get my first Garbage Plate at 11:30 at night. There were sketchy drunk/and/or/stoned highschoolers and Steve felt it necessary to document my sleepy first Garbage Plate adventure. ;P The next day I drove to Binghamton for my baby cousin's birthday at Highland Park. I got to play with Jilly and see my beloved aunt and uncle and meet Johanne, the cool minister from Sweeden who also went to Naz. Unfortunately, I scared his shy son who backed all the way up to the end of the bench when I sat down to talk to him. Whoops.

Easter we went to the traditional Sunrise Service at the cemetary. We saw the Wilseas' and went to breakfast with them afterward. It was really good to see them again, and it felt good to hear Carol talk about Ronan. They're doing better, at least outwardly, and I have so much love for that family. Either way, it was really good to see them and I'm glad I got to pal around with Flynn since they switched their music class time and I don't have them anymore. I'll have to start going to their classroom instead.

The college deposit got paid today, so Nazareth, here I come! It's official, and I'm entirely too happy.

I have been sick out of my mind since Saturday, so I'm attempting to cure myself. It's been a pretty low-key vacation since Charles left, I've been reading and doing yard and house work to help pay for my college deposit. I've also been studying for the AP and reading The DaVInci Code, which I recommend. I have to go get prom goodies on Friday, and the rest of the week will be devoted to work, reading, studying, and movie watching. Hopefully I'm going to have a girly sleepover tonight, it's much needed.

Happy belated Bunny Day everyone. And happy Easter to all religious folks.

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