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"Stellar performance"...

Life's a blur. I can't believe May is half over. I haven't wrote anything that's happened the last month or so.

Prom was the first weekend of May. Also the last weekend I got to see Charles before tonight.
I got all glammed up for prom--floor length simple yellow gown, gold Goddess stilettos, gold eyeshadow, gold body powder, golden nails, gold body powder. My whole family participated in a curling adventure-I had to straighten my hair to the best of my ability (it does not straighten under any means necessary) and then it was a female effort to curl my hair. I pulled it half back with long loose ringlets. Inspired by Paris Hilton. Charles came from camp for the glamming prepartions and then Katie and Ian came for pictures and to head to dinner at P.F.Chang's. The food was delicious, and everyone was staring at us in our prom-wear. We had a very attentive waiter and we eveng got free food, a good prom bonus. Afterwards we made a run on Target in our formal get-up to get necessary post-prom items. We had a contest to see how many looks we got (I believe we got up to 19) and going to the bathroom in a formal gown is not as easy as it sounds. We got to prom about an hour late, and danced the rest of the night away. Charles and I were in our own little world for the most part and I had to stand on his feet to slowdance with him. :) I had fun goofing around with him, and it was the most dressed up I've ever seen the prom attendees. The girls looked bonita. We left with Katie and Ian a little while before midnight, and then we used the hot tub 'till around 2 or 3. And then had to be up to go to Penfield at 5am. Super fantastic.

I'm all ready for Naz. I got my deposit in, I've signed up for my classes and dorm. Now I have to get all my class confirmations and find out who my room mate is! We formed a little group on Facebook for our class so everyone could get to know each other before we're thrown together. There are quite a few people I'm really excited to meet. Another girl named Joelle (the only one on campus!) who is the class ahead of me found me on Facebook and we've been talking. We're into all the same things and she got me into dance team, now I just have to audition in the fall. She's going to be one of my many Naz mentors. :) I am counting down every second 'till Naz.

Senior trip
was last weekend. I sat with Kelsey on the bus ride up (childhood best friend) and across from Katie and Ian. Kels and I had our own little nest in our seat with all our blankets and pillows, it was tres comfy. Kels, Brett and I walked around the park at Niagara Falls together, which was beautiful, but unfortunately, my mother forgot to put the memory card back in the camera. There was a creepy wax museum which I would not go near, and then we played in the souvenir shop. There were many fun items to be played with. When we got to the hotel, we got ready for our dinner cruise. Everyone got dressed up and the girls complained about only having "ONE HOUR!" to get ready. I got moved from 4 different tables by the stupid hostesses and the dinner was crap, but then both the school groups crowded onto the dance floor which was truly about yay ________ big. The Naples girls danced the entire time together with our guys in huge mosh and eventually the boys from the other school crowded around. It was fun dancing with all our grade, to all get out together one last time. The most fun was when Kels and I went up on top in the rain to get some air, and ended up dancing on the deck. It was a beautiful feeling: it was dark, we were on top of the ship, it was raining and windy and we could see the city all around us. My hair and skirt was blowing everywhere as we spun around and we had people coming up to deck to watch because they said it just looked beautiful. That was definetely one of the best moments of the trip, Kels and I just laughed and laughed. The other good part of the night was when they played "Honkytonk Badonkadonk" and we got the whole dance floor to do the Italian macerena, combined with the cowgirl move. THe other school kept going "Sweet dance!" and it was awesome to look across the dance floor and see every person doing the same dance.
Friday we went to Kalahari, an indoor water park. The slides were awesome, some of them even went outside. My favorite was the water slide roller coaster-the guy told us to lift up when we got to the top of the hill and we went so high that I flew up and almost out of the raft. A downfall of being small. We rode every slide a couple times and did a huge chain in the lazy river. A big group of us went in the huge outdoor hot tub and stayed there for almost an hour, just relaxing. After lunch we lounged on sofas and played games in the arcade. Morgan and I did DDR and we witnessed the pure definition of a down-home Jerry Springer fight. It was a mother and daughter pulling each other's hair, pushing, calling each other "hoe", etc. We went to the Cleveland Indians game that night, in the rain. I got my gigantic popcorn, and Kels and I became big Blake fans. Everyone wandered inside the stadium for a whil ebecause it was so cold, but we were there to cheer the entire last part of the game. Our team was really close but we lost by 1. There was an awesome fireworks show afterwards-huge fireworks and everyone was dancing and singing along to the retro music. It was a good class time.
Saturday we went to Cedar Point, the big amusement park in Ohio. I went in a group with Laura, Christine and Sam and we had the best time. We rode every ride and the whole time we were talking and laughing, and singing and dancing to the music throughout the park. It was the perfect group. We got the Italian macarena going in line again, it's so hard to stop once you get going. We kept doing group hugs and high fives, and we came up with our leaping Charlie's Angels move. THe only downer of the day was Christine and I, my rollercoaster partner, went on Millenium Force one last time when we only had 20 minutes left. We got on and off in time but we started sprinting back to the bus and got lost. We ended up showing up 10 minutes late. Everyone "boo"ed when we got on, and I felt horrible. The teachers didn't care, but I felt so paranoid at pissing off my grade. When we got to the hotel, though, everyone saw how upset I was and was giving me hugs and saying "Oh, Joelle, we aren't mad!" and "We don't hate you!". That was a good feeling. Everyone hung out in the hall for the last night, the basketball players and the fights, and Christine and I bought Ben + Jerry's and watched the Fresh Prince.
Sunday we headed home. We went shopping at the Galleria in Buffalo, and we had to tell Nick to go away while Sam and I picked out sexy underwear. That was awkward. I got my mommy a gift and on the bus back, our chaperones gave a prize to every person, I got "Most Friendly" on the trip. I was really friendly to the teachers, but I felt pretty shy aroud our grade for a lot of the trip, so they didn't understand why I got it. Oh well. My days of being shy are almost at an end. Only a few more weeks and then I'm back with CSAC staff lovers and on to Naz.
Big joke of the trip was the Barbarians movie that was randomly on the bus which we decided to watch. It was horrible, but so very, very quotable. They even included a quote from it in our announcement about the trip Monday morning.
I had to be the 5th wheel the first part of the trip until Cedar Point because I hung out with Katie, Ian, Kels and Brett. Katie and Ian are dating, and Brett and Kels had a sort of fling on the trip, so they were always in a group, paired off. Kim eventually replaced me as the 5th wheel when I started spending more time with other people in our grade.

Mband is going really well. Katie and I have fun as drum majors, we work hard and are sarcastic and playful and always moving around. THe little kids love us, and we got the majoring bit down to a science now. Mr. B always wants us to be first back to the starting line, so we power walk through all the members. THe little kids like to try and race me. I also have to space everyone when we start each time, so the band has made a big rivalry contest out of trying to be in the correct place before I get to them. Sometimes it even involves boys like Will physically picking me and moving me so that they are in the "right spot". We have our first parade tomorrow and our street costumes are darling-black unitards with a white skirts that flares out when we spin. I'm looking forward to the parades and I'll definetely miss mband. It's funny that Jonny and I are the only seniors in it now, but we have fun. I've also been absorbed into the Guard posse. Wish us luck tomorrow!

Babysitting's still a good time. Now that it's nice out, we spend the entire afternoon outside. As soon as we get home we hop on the 4wheelers and the golfcart and just tear around their yard and camp. I've mastered driving both the golfcart and the 4wheeler, I've proved what that golfcart can really do. It's also been christened "Rock biter".

I finally get to see Charles and all the CSAC staff tonight and tomorrow night for training at Amy. I can't wait to see everyone and to make our final plans for what our village is doing this summer. It'll be nice to get it figured out. once and for all. Ian and I have been strategizing through e-mails for months now. And it's always fun to just be with the camp people, I'm sure we'll watch bad movies, and play Steve's favorite, Powerball. Regardless, I'm happy. I have the jazz band dinner dance Sunday night, which is one of my favorite parts of the year. We play all our jazz band music, eat chicken and biscuits and get to see old members like Noah. I'm really looking forward to it.

My last highschool concert is soon. June 1st, if you want to come. I'm in every group in the concert, and each group is playing a ton of songs. It's going to be the longest concert EVER. I'll miss it though. Rock band will be fun (Takin' Care of Business, Get it On, and another song TBA) and I tried out for a solo in a song for chorus, and I ended up not getting that solo, but an entire solo song. Mrs. Herley says she wants to "highlight me" because I've worked so hard this year. I am doing "Think of Me" from the Phantom of the Opera because it's got a lot of memory. My very first year singing, 9th grade, I did Think of Me and got a standing ovation. It was a gift for my Mom and it was the first time I had ever sang solo and the only one up until this one. I remember Sam making sure he was sitting front and center and listening to every bit, and encouraging me both before and after my performance, wrapping me in huge hugs. He even downloaded the song after so he could have it. Now I'm going to do it for my final concert as my goodbye and my final gift to my Mom. I'm hoping everyone will remember when I sang it before, I still get comments on it. But it's a good last goodbye, and I hope I can do it justice.

So that's it. A few more weeks of babysitting and marching band, and then it's graduation. My grad party will be that night (the 24th) so stop by if you'd like. It's jsut going to be a lowkey party with a bonfire and cookout. It's the perfect house for it though. Camp starts the day after and then I leave right from camp for Naz, so only a few more weeks at home. Mom's getting sad, but she knew the time was coming. Right now I'm trying to finish up my classes, get everything straightened for Naz, and acquire all the warm clothing I can for camp this summer. I think I was a reptile in a former life, my body is extremely cold-blooded, there is no getting warm for me.
Now it's off to Canadaigua for shopping and so I can renew my learner's permit ( we had to alter it when we moved) so I CAN TAKE MY ROAD TEST ON THE 21st. I wonder how I'll do...

Love you, Charles.
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