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Camp memories

Now onto my summer. This summer was incredible, I couldn't have asked for a better senior summer, minus one large portion. I even survived living in a tent, I loved my tent from the first night I was in it.  These next tidbits probably won't mean much to anyone else, but if I don't write them down, I don't get to look back on them, so here it goes.

-Getting lost the very first night of camp. I hung out at Winter with Charles and Sam, then went to the dining hall to talk with Ryan, Mark, Jon and Josh. I spent a good hour or two talking with Ryan, only to have to walk back to Mtn. Man in the dark, with no moonlight. I made it halfway down the trail fine before I had to start feeling the ground to get back on the path. I wish someone could have seen me, I crawled along the path on all fours for a good half hour. Luckily for me, anytime I got truly off a lightning bug would fly by and I'd find my way back onto the trail. Then I made it into Mtn. Man and somehow got caught in the area of the cluster of 3 brigades. I spent the next hour or so crawling among the brigades, bumping into one tent after another or crawling off into the woods. I was screaming and crying for help the entire time, the boys were in their tents, but didn't answer. Matty C even sat up and listened to me, but didn't answer because he thought I was a "maniac in the woods". I ended up crawling into a random tent about an hour later, exhausted and soaking wet from the rain, on a wet mattress. I spent the night crying and shivering on the cot, falling asleep a little before morning. I woke up when it started to get light out the next morning, made it back to my own tent and crashed until 7 when the Cohn boys came to wake me up after their all-nighter. Then we all had a good laugh about what happened the night before. Matty C felt horrible about it the rest of the year.

-Playing indoor soccer in Winter with Charles and Sam.

-The "good job cheer"

-"Super staff circles"

-Standing in a super sraff circle, wiggling our fingers against our mouths for everything we said so it looked like we were telling secrets

-My pink plastic Tinkerbelle sunglasses and them getting worn by everyone, all day long

-Ian loving to wear my pink Adidas bag for me

-Joe calling me "Tinkerbelle" all summer, naming himself my big brother

-Lunch one day: Joe walks by and does the shy giggly wave, I do it back. One of the dad nudges me, smiles and says "Camp romance, huh?" and I say "Actually he's my brother" and the Dad yells "Oh I'm SO sorry!" Joe and I had a good laugh over it later that day

-Being the only female doing "JUMP LADY JUMP!" with all the guys on staff during "Old Lady Leary" at campfires

-The night charles had to go commando under his Indian outfit at campfire. I giggled, hard.

-Our villages awesome rendition of the Girlscout skit at closing campfire. It got the most laughs of any skit this summer.

-THe party at TJ's for the Fourth of July. Picking Sam up at the airport, getting lost on the way to the cottage, Charles and I talking with Ryan and Jamieboy, getting to share a tent with Charles and get ting to spend a whole night together for the first time.

-The whole fiasco with mark and Amanda, meeting up with random staff at Java's that night to discuss it. The guy in the parking lot who wanted money for crack.

-Playing music in Winter on their sweet set-up.

-My waterfront fling.

-The night Jamie, Chris Domanti and Joe came to visit Ian and I at Mtn Man early in the season.
That was the night Chris was christened "Chuck Norris". Sitting around the picnic table listening to bad music and watching Dane Cook on Chris's iPod. Joe and Chris getting into a physical competition, Chris kicking Joe (The MARINE!)'s ass in every single thing they did, even Stick. Jamie and I laughing so hard we fell over the entire time. I'm proud to say I was there that night.

-PB+J sandwiches during every check-in. Delegating who got to go make them this session. Kevon Duffe's "Does anyone feel like getting up and getting me a glass of water?"

-HIgh Seas dance parties during check-out. I would go to High Seas to help them finish cleaning because I knew from the year before how rough check out always was. A gaggle of boys would end up coming with me and Jon and I would play music on his huge amp. Once the cleaning was done, we would all run out to the deck and proceed to have a dance party on the deck and the decks of the ships. Jamie-It and Vetter would breakdance, everyone would dance the beat to "We Like To Party", everyone would crazy dance to the Numa Numa song, Vetter would do his signature move at the steering wheel of the ship and jump up onto the back of the ship and dance. Dance parties were definetely the best part of camp.

-Light saber wars with Mark on foggy nights.

-Mark and I dancing
to "Temperature", "Around the World", "I Want You" and "Ridin'" on his cell phone every chance we got.

-Me getting everyone to like "Around the World" by ATC during the mulching project.

-Ryan and Mark singing 'Ridin'" while we all stood around at the dining hall at night during staff week.

-Telling jokes in a group at the dining hall, Jonny doing the "Ask me if I'm a tree"

-Jon doing the creepy breathing with his hand on my leg bit

-Jon giving me the wide eyed look that would send me running and hiding under things

-"Super moms" the one session and how MUCH they stressed us out

-Me keeping my hand on Jon's leg to see who would break and smile first, I would manage it 'til he would put his hand down and "tenderly cup" it. Then we would both giggle incessantly

-Jamie-It and Jon teaming up on me during Scout's Own with me inbetween them, them both doing the creepy breathing so I would laugh and have no where to go. Them making faces at me while I tried to sing "My Rock", laughing so hard I couldn't stand up or get a single word out but still attempting to get through the song.

-My mouse Stewie at the Nature Lodge and the fight for his rights. I got the Rangers to give him to me, I had to buy him from them, and then I kept him at the nature lodge for the rest of the summer. All the Nature Boys trying to feed him to the snake, fights over the radio during Open Program about whether to feed him. Matty C and I trying to steal him. I was a woman of fury during Open Program and went to Waterfront and got everyone on my side. Getting all my campers to shout the rally cry of "Free the mouse!" at village camp fire and to defend him at nature the next day. Campers loving him at nature class every time I brought him out. Having my heart crushed when the Castle fed Stewie to Corny during their nature class, finding out when Bobby handed me his camera that he documented the entire thing on. I had to watch every second of my mouse being fed. It was one of the worst things all summer. Bobby getting reamed out by my sister and every Ranger on staff for doing it. Bobby felt horribly about it afterwards, as he should have. Stewie was going to come to college with me.

-Awesome village campfires. Matty C's love of doing "There Ain't No Flies", winning every time. Matty C and I leading all the songs and having the time of our lives. Me getting all the kids pumped up, making Apple Crisp every time (Jess and I made it better than Ian!) Carrying those damn Dutch Ovens. Matty C and I doing the Tarzan song. 

-The night Chris Domanti came to village campfire before his birthday, me getting all the kids to sing to him, putting a glowstick in his serving of Apple Crisp as his birthday candle. Staying late and burning the glowstick and assorted other items in the fire.

-Going to Langie to hang out with Chris Domanti almost every night from the first night Charles left to the end of summer. Walking back the first night, having the place to ourselves, being forced to watch baseball like he does everynight. Louning around the Langie TV area every night with him and all the other boys. Watching Next every night. Constantly being harrassed by the boys, giggling while Steve tickled VIPs. Lounging on the couch with everyone, everyone piled on top of each other-one of the great things about my camp friends, it's all boys so it's very relaxed and affectionate. Spending time with my sister at Langie, the only girls there.

-Chris Domanti playing bad music for me on his iPod while I worked at waterfront.

-Sleeping at the pool and waterfront with Chris Domanti while I worked there.

-Listening to music with JamieBoy at the pool while I slept.

-Dave and Chris pretending the canoes were Italian gondollahs at waterfront, Chris actually making it authentic because he IS Italian. "WHen the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, thats amore".

-Dave standing out on the table in the lake all during Open Program when Matt and I worked there, trying desperately to catch a fish. Matty C, Chris and I giggling from the lifeguard chair on shore watching, convincing campers to go take Dave's boat and leave him stranded. Dave diving into the water on shore STILL trying to catch a fish, me almost falling out of the chair from laughing so hard.

-JAWBREAKERS AT WATERFRONT, everyone endlessly eating them, getting everyone into the purple ones, Chris and Ian always being sweet and digging through the bag to get me all the purples.

-Me constantly singing at waterfront

-Talking about what names people look like they should have behind HIgh Seas during Siesta, we all thought Jared looked like a Jake, me especially. So then then tried to change his nametag to say Jake with his knife, but it ended up coming out looking like "Jakel". We giggled and fought over it, he was christened Jakel the rest of the summer and I was Joellel. We called eachother that the rest of the summer and he carved our names into a box at High Seas the last day to commemorate it.

-"Baby Nick", my favorite VIP of the season. Me giggling as he constantly talked to me in the gay lisp, laughing over the fact that he is 7th in the nation for SQUASH. Yes, squash. "Oh Jesthusth Christht".

-Playing "baseketball" behind High Seas during Siesta and check-in. Then playing it with Fruit and getting an orange splattered all over my head. Sitting and laughing with my sister as Chris Domanti desperately tried to be able to do it.

-Getting everyone to play SnailBall at waterfront. Matty C and I would play everytime we went out on the lake for boating with the animals. Playing it with Jon and patiently naming every animal in our boat. JamieBoy and Jon playing it with real snails just to horrify me and because they thought you were actually suppossed to. I tried to explain it WAS played with snails until we realized what it did to JamieBoy proceeded to smack a snail at that very moment and yelling "Oh schnikeys!" in his accent while a snail exploded in midair.

-Playing SnailBall on shore with candy during High Seas period while I worked there. Jon smashed the candy out into the lake. THen he and I giggled incessantly and almost fell off the table while we watched Chris Domanti try to do it 12 times and failing, getting worse every time. Watching poor Chris get embarrassed and falling over as we watched him throw it up to hit it, looking around desperately for it to hit it as it hit him on the head and bounced off.

-The boob shot Jamieboy took of Chris while we were working at waterfront during Open Program. Matty C and I giggling incessantly as we made it the background of Jamieboys phone, along with the weird jawbreaker picture of Chris that ended up looking like some weird fetish photo.

-Bonding in the chair at waterfront while I was there--Me, Chris and Matty C during Open Program, just talking and laughing; Mtn. Man powwows in the chair whenever one of us had to work at waterfront, Ian and I chewing on Matty C's clothing, us all giggling so hard. Everyone grabbing my foot and trying to pull me off the chair just to hear me scream.

-Endless short comments being made to me all summer, made worse by the fact that I had campers every session who were taller than me. Me being the shortest person on staff, even shorter than the 12 year old VIPs (no exaggeration).

-Watching The Wall with Charles this summer more than I ever have in my life.

-Sleeping parties at Winter with Charles and Sam during Siesta every day.

-Stupid fights with Charles every day.

-My love of the hot chocolate machine. :) The boys offering to get me some while we waited for brunch every session, all the boys helping me whenever it wouldn't work.

-Charles bringing me my fleece insert for my sleeping bag at midnight the the morning of our one year anniversary. Sitting with me in my tent 'til it was midnight. Going to bed smiling that night.

-Everyone on management teaming together to try and make sure Charles and I had a great one year anniversary, getting special priveleges all day long. Best part of the day was sleeping with him at Winter that night because he felt sick.

-The "office" of Winter.

-Pulling mattresses out into the common area of Winter so CHarles and I could be together.

-Mtn. Man staff constantly saying "ANd the PICKLESTH!" during Rendezvous.

-The obsession with "You guys want some cookies?!"
after TJ said it at the beginning of summer.

-Having fun doing "Little Bunny Foo Foo" at campfire every session, constantly getting called Little Bunny Foo FOo by campers and getting praise on it throughout the session. 

-The sessions that Zach, the Goodwins, and Ryan and RJ came (my favorite campers from my two years at High Seas).

-Matty C being christened "my man" for the summer because he acted more like it than Charles. Matty C and I being 'buddies' and giggling and jumping up and down over everything, our never ending plan making.

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