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Camp memories x2

-Making Chris Domanti "smell the flowers" by sticking it in his face at waterfront while we waited to go up to lunch, him and Matty C doing it on our way up the "cool trail", constantly getting squished into a "Joelle sandwich" on our way up the trail to lunch.

-Matty C and I playing the slapping game on our way fromt waterfront to lunch.

-Singing "Hotel California" back and forth with Lower Lot during check-in.

-My love of the "Doom Doom Dah Da" song after Ian taught it to me. DOing it with all the staff while we waited for campfire to begin after Scout's Own. Having competitions to do it as fast as we could during check-in.

-Jamieboy and I got really close this summer. He would come to waterfront while I was working there just to sit with me at the table or the table at the pool to just listen to music and talk about everything. Our hugs every day, just standing there hugging each other, perfect heights for it. We were "brother and sister" for the summer.

-That stretch of the summer that I dreaded walking back to Mtn. Man every night.

-"Wrestling" with Jon on the parade field--
"Joelle, you want to wrestle?", says Jon. "Sure", I say. I run at him, head down, drive into his stomach, and he takes me by the shoulders and hurls me all the way across the field. We spent the next 5 minutes on the ground laughing and vainly attempting to find my glasses in the dark. NEver again will I wrestle him.

-Falling asleep everywhere on camp

-Being picked up Jon, Vetter, etc all the time

-Playing "Asshole" by Dennis LEary at Mtn. Man

-The Mtn. Man theme song--RIDIN'!
Rolling into brunch the last day with it playing on our portable speakers.

-The dance beach party at HIgh Seas for Carrie on a Saturday night. The whole staff was there, everyone dancing around me in a circle the whole time, running back and forth with the "originals" to get new areas of dancing started. Jon only allowing my iPod to be played, playing all our songs. Doing the Cotton Eyed Joe dance with Kate and getting everyone else to. FINALLY getting Chris Domanti to dance. Everyone gathering around me to sing "Ridin'", Jamie and I yelled "CHRIS!" when he hopped in and started singing with us halfway through. Dancing and screaming with my sister. Everyone standing and talking on the front of the ship after we were done dancing.

-The night we did the roving dance party after I came down from Winter. Going from village to village, JamieIt jumping into Sam Evans room on accident, thinking it was Kevon Duffe's room. JamieIt shouting "Ohhhhh Myyyyy!", feeling horrible the rest of the night. We ended up at the nature lodge, everyone talking on the bench, JOn doing the creepy leg thing to me, Vetter introducing his "Thank You Allah for giving us Jihad" song. We ended up walkinng down to Cohn and tried to watch a movie. There was a half and half over whether to watch The Exorcist, the boys were all going to protect me while we watched it because they knew my huge fear and they promised not to laugh if I covered my ears and eyes. I was treated like the baby that night. :)

-Roaming with the group of boys every Sturday night, me ALWAYS the only girl, getting treated specially all the time, especially by boys I wouldn't expect it from like JamieIt and Matty D. I was treated as the baby of the group, getting special treatment, and I would spontaneously get bursts of energy and get them all going to do something.

-The "super staff shortcut" back to the staff site in Mtn. Man, how proud i was of learning it by heart by the end of the summer, how well defined it was by the end of the summer from everyone using it so much.

-Matty C and I constantly using every shortcut imaginable to get back to Mtn. Man

-Mtn. Man being the place to be for the first time in camp history-- staff came back to hangout starting during Staff Week, everyone showing up at Mtn. Man to "help" during closing staff days.

-Rendezvous becoming the place to be for program staff. We had random people every time by the end of the summer. I even brought Chris back with me the session I worked at waterfront.

-RENDEZVOUS TRADITIONS--Superstaff circle every time because we ate last after all the campers had eaten and gone, talking everything out while we were eating. Cooking the cookies in tinfoil. Relieving our stress by running as fast as we could across the meadow, screaming our lungs out and yelling "In-motion throw!" and chucking the extra food as far as we could into the woods. Beating up the tin pans that held the food just like the scene in Office Space. All that was started after a particularly stressful rendezvous and session with our program director. Getting the staff to participate in the "stress reliever" after each Rendezvous.

-THe Rendezvous the boys got a little thoughtless and Ian chased me around and around the meadow with a cooler of water to throw on me, luckily only getting my backside. He didn't realize 'til we stopped and I stated the obvious how bad it would have been if he had gotten the front. Ian being incredibly embarrassed about it afterwards.

-Constant sketchy remarks from Ian. Charles being way less than thrilled and jealous the rest of the summer and Bobby and TJ wanting to kick his ass. Trust me, I did NOTHING to bring on these remarks, and avoided him like the plague for most of the rest of the summer to stop the remarks.

-Ryan treating me like a princess the entire summer

-Doing CPR training with Sam Russell

-We had international scout work at camp this year, Sam Evans from the UK. We used to sit and talk about all the differences of our countries and she kind of adopted me as her little sister, really looking out for me at the end of the summer when everything was happening with Charles.

-Growing really close with my sister throughout the summer as she helped me to deal with Charles and hanging out with me the last few weeks of camp after we broke up. We would always cuddle in the office when I was feeling particularly sad.

-Going to Denny's the last Saturday night with Jamie, Jon and Jared. Having to spend way too much on nachos, getting laughed at for having the biggest item on the table and eating the least.

-Jared constantly knocking out the back of my knees.

-Jimmy, the awesome camper that loved to pick on me.

-One of the Dads called me his "pastel princess" the whole time he was here, always harrassing me for my bright pink bag and blue shoes while "roughing it" in Mtn. Man. I had to hold onto my feminine side somehow.

-The INCREDIBLE group of kids we had for Scout Reach. I got along so well with the kids, there were a few from the year before and all the boys in my village clung to me for the session.  THe kids were so sweet and so excited about everything, and they even came and stood at our staff site late one night during a storm because it made them feel safer to be near us. It was one of the best sessions all summer and the most fun.

-Getting picked on for not being loud by Matt and Ian.

-The Dads always picking on me, the moms bonding with me over the fact that we were females roughing it in Mtn Man

-One of the Scoutreach moms calling me "Carrie" because I reminded her of Carrie from Sex and the City

-Doing the MRE bombs the second to last night.

-Picking on Tyler Baldino for constantly rolling his eyes.

-Mtn Mans feelings about Zach.
Mtn Man powwows minus Zach. The Mtn Man family just being me, Ian and Matty C

-Ian's love of the "Candyland" song. Matty C and I creeped out by it, planning the horror movie with one of the Dads that we were going to make on Cutler.

-Poor Chris having it pour on his birthday AND be stuck out on the lake in it.

-Matty C and I obsessing over "jazz hands" for a session. Everywhere we would go we would look at each other and say "And....JAZZ HANDS" and leap out doing jazz hands, giggling incessantly. We got staff to do it, and I made a 5 billion dollar bet with an awesome camper in my village that I could get him to do it by the end of the session. It was a running joke.

-Going up to the parking lot to do "There Ain't No FLies" during village campfires at Frog Pond Stage.

-Finally having an all out battle with Castle doing "There Ain't No FLies" during village campfire. We stood at the head of the trail, they came out from castle and stood in front of us. We were literally toe-to-toe screaming in each others faces. All the male staff screaming in my face, and me screaming back, holding my own. MTN MAN WON!

-Dates with Carrie to play with our rodents in the nature lodge during Siesta

-TJ/BObby/Ryan's love of "Stay (Just A Little Bit Longer) by Jackson Browne and hearing it over and over the last few days.

-Heart to hearts with Bobby.

-PB+J runs at the dining hall with Jon at 2 in the morning every Saturday night.

-Attempting to bond with Amanda and Becca the first part of summer
, the only girls my age on staff.

-Doing the Hokey Pokey piggyback on my sister's back

-DAVEY COMING DOWN FOR A SESSION. We gave him his own brigade in Mtn Man and it was so GOOD to see him. I instantly cheered up when he told me the night before that he was coming.  Gossiping with him all day long, hugs, laying on the bed with him while we watched Without A Paddle. Walking back to Mtn Man in the freezing cold and waking him up the next day. I miss him.
-Getting Davey to make a "wood chip angel" in the mulch while we were waiting for campfires. Me giggling while he screamed about having woodchips in his legs. "Hey, I just suggested the idea. YOU went along with it, stupey".

-Watching "Without a Paddle" with Jared and Jon in Jon's room one of the last nights. The boys laughing at me when I couldn't stop laughing at the stupid deer part.

-Playing video games with Jon in his room during Siesta. HIm laughing so hard he fell over at how bad I was at the driving game. Us giggling as we spent way too long making my "pretty car". 

-My obsession with "slurping" the leftover soda on the rim of the can when Jon and I shared soda. It became a running joke the rest of the summer, even Chris Domanti picked on me for it. People just don't understand!

-Making paper snowflakes in HIgh Seas with Jon and Jamie boy during Siesta. Teaching Carrie how to make them.

-The hour plus game of War I played with Chris Tytler on the last day, which I won. :)

-Matty C and I giggling incessantly as we tried to "gallop" across the parking lot after brunches, shouting and unable to breathe, me screaming about how he has an advantage 'cause he's lanky.

-Me being christened David Hasselhoff (Chris Tytler)'s girlfriend, Patty Pat being our bodyguard.

-Patty Pat giving me shoulder massages everywhere we went, even while we were walking at night.

-Jon and my song "My Console", playing it in HIgh Seas so loud I thought someone was tearing his walls out.

-Jared named himself my "stalker" the very first night we met.

-Getting HORRIBLY SICK early in the season. I don't even remember how it started. I remember waking up one morning feeling horrible, having to run to the bathroom and not make it. It got horrible that night at Rendezvous. I had been feeling okay throughout the day but my intestines were bubbling during the cooking. I put hot sauce on my food like normal, but it didn't cook up in the fire. So I ate my food soaked in hot sauce. I made it almost up to the dining hall before I had to run to the outhouse along the road. I definetely did not make it. It was the most horrible sick experience of my life, I've never felt so badly. The rest of the night I was shaking and shivering and had a fever and felt like my whole body was going to cave in on itself. I couldn't keep anything down and I spent the entire morning the next day camped out in the big stall in the bathroom, wanting to die. RYan kept me alive on constant pill dosages through the night and morning. Dad came and got me and I spent the next session or two at home, coming back once the Saturday night inbetween, which was a huge mistake. I spent a good 4 days feeling like I was going to die, and I lost a lot of weight during it. I went back to camp the second day of the next session and felt alright 'til Rendezvous. Then I got sick again and was miserable trying to walk back alone from Rendezvous. After I stopped for a while at Winter I convinced myself I'd be okay and made sure I walked slowly and then I was fine the rest of the summer. It was a horrible experience though, one I hope I NEVER have to relive.
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