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It's been an interesting day. THe time seems to drag more and more slowly, leaving me way too much time to think and remember. 

THe highlight of my day was that I finally called Daniel, after promising to do so for 3 or 4 months. He's still the same old Daniel, except that he's even more happy than he used to be. He's such a good guy and I would be proud to have him back in my life. We've both changed a lot, but he was just so happy from the moment he picked up the phone to know it was me, and I was glad to hear him so content and it was really nice to hear him laughing again. He told me all about his experience in the Navy and we're going to go get real sushi when he comes home. It's nice that there's no longer any romantic tension on either side, we're just old friends. It makes me really happy to hear the life he's made for himself and to hear that he is doing so well. He was so excited for me to start college and loved to hear camp stories and my plans for at Naz. Somehow I found myself telling him all about what happened with Charles, and he was so reassuring even though it was the exact same thing I did to him last year. Guys like Dan don't come around often and I'm proud to say I know him. We made a phone engagement for before I leave for Naz and I look forward to talking to him again. It was hard though because it reminded me of talking to Charles throughout the year on the phone but I know that if I call him now, he's just going half-talk like he has been lately. It hurts so much because I did nothing to deserve being treated this way and I just want my friend back.  Every stupid thing the last week or so has reminded me of what we had. I just want Thursday to be here NOW so I can stop having time to think about it.

I've been talking to my room mate Jenna a LOT lately. A wee bit compulsive. She calls me every night and usually a few quick times during the day, and leaves me tons of messages online. Hopefully the intensity will wear off a little once we're into the flow of school. It is a good feeling to be close to a girl though, I'm so used to just talking with boys. That's one part I'm definetely looking forward to at school, all those "girl bonding" times. I've already made a few good acquaintances that I hope will continue when we get to school.

Some random things have happened the last week or so since camp ended. I went shopping with Mama and Jame in CA on Tuesday after camp and got a sweet 80's party dress at the Salvo. I still have to fix it, but I fully intend to wear it to the Mixer during Orientation. It's a beaut. 

I've failed my road test twice now. I always knew I was going to be one of those people who had to take it a bunch of times. It's all that pressure on you when you go to physically take the test, it kills me. I even finally have BOTH my parents approval, Mom said I'm one of the best young drivers she's ever been with. But I get so nervous when I go to take the test, I end up getting flustered. Hopefully I'll get it in the next year or so, it'd be nice to have so I could go out and do things when I'm home on break from college. Mama and Dad refuse to let me have Daisy at school, though. Buggers.

I also had an eye appt. at the mall on Friday and had to have my pupils dilated so she could check my eyes. That was a first. I had to walk around the mall with big teddy bear eyes the rest of the afternoon, with sunglasses on whenever the light hurt too much. I got a few strange looks for that, but I figured other mall-goers would appreciate it more than the intense look of pain that crossed my face whenever I happened to walk under a skylight, causing me to almost run into whoever happened to be near me. Mom and I ate huge ice cream sundaes for dinner on the way home because I needed comfort food. It's been a hard week.  I got clothing for dance at school, too-I can't wait to audition for the dance team, hopefully I'll make it. I'll just dance my heart out like I always do. 

I have the rest of today to do nothing and then I have to commence the packing frenzy. I also still have Breakfast at Tiffany's to watch because I'm on an Audrey Hepburn kick. She's right up there with Molly Ringwald.

                                                                       Songs of the Moment
                                                                Deliverance--Bubba Sparxx (Jared and Jon)
                                                                           Last Year's Love--David Gray
                                                                             Walk Over Me--Dirtie Blonde
                                                                  Tell Me Baby--Red Hot Chili Peppers (Jon)

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