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she lives on love street

joelle marie
19 November 1988
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My name's Joelle-I'm a boyscout, I sing, dance, and love to write.

"as you wish", 1000 islands, 7th heaven, a beautiful smile, a good book, a knights tale, actressing, add-like behaviors, add/and my add friends, adidas ware, american eagle, anything goes, back muscles, backpacking, bad 80s workouts, bad pop music, bad puns, bagel sandwiches, beauty, being in town, being nosey, being romanced, bike riding, birkenstocks, bling, booty, boys with guitars, boys with sticks, brian regan, bristol hills camp/staff, bus rides, celtic culture, chorus, city life, college life, comfy beds, compliments, creedence clearwater revival, csymbotes, cuddling, curls, cutler hip hop, cutler/cac staff, dani harrison, daniel/dan's house, degrassi, disney movies/songs, erogenous zones, frank sinatra, french culture, frisbee, full house, george harrison, giddyness!, gilmore girls, good hygiene, good rock'n'roll, grimes glen, guster, harry potter, health freak, heath ledger, hikes, hip hop dancing, hobbits, homework parties, hot topic t-shirts, hotel rooms, hugh grant, incense, inside jokes, instant messenging, jazz band, jim morrison, johnny depp, kayaaking, marching band, monty python, moosen, musicals, my comfy clogs, my cute cousin jilly, my fellow cits, night walks, norah jones, not chuckie movies, not gym class, not head, not nursing homes, not reality tv, not the exorcist, nuzzling, nyc, o.a.r., ocassionally gossip, pilates, pillaging villages, ping pong, pink, pizza, poofay, posters, practical magic, pretty woman/julia roberts, pyro fests, red cars, renaissance costumes, rockin' the casbah, sandra bullock, sarcasm, shaggy hair, singing my heart out, sleeping, soccer, sock rockin', socks below my ankles, some good kissing, stand up comedy, stargazing, swimming, tenor sax, that 'ol hippie vibe, the 60s shop, the angels, the beatles, the cursed bed, the doors, the fort, the grainery, the night life, the pink ladies, the princess bride, the real world, the renaissance festival, the right outfit, the stick game, thrift store shopping, thunderstorms, treehugging, vertically challenged-ness, victoria's secret body spray, violations, walks, whistler the dog, wiccan, wisdom, wit, woofers, writing, yoga