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The tide is high, but I'm holding on.

I have bought fantastic new crappy music from iTunes. Songs I've always wanted. Like "Total Eclipse of the Heart". And "That's The Way It Is". I'm a happy girl.

I can't even remember the last time I updated. But sporadic events will be yours to read. :)

Andy and I just pretended we were in a high-end car chase, wearing aviators, on our ride home. I got to yell "Follow that car!" And then I found gourmet cookies not made by my mother when I got home. It's gonna be a good day, Tater. 

I had my Naz audition. I did really well, and I had fun wandering the music hall with the other audition-ees. I even got put into an intermediate sight singing class after being dreadful any other time I've ever tried. Hannah was not there to guide me, the bum.  I finally got me some good Aladdin's eatin'. Then Mom and I waited for 2 hours for Charles. Ended up being yuppies and sipping coffee in Dunkin' Donuts.

Roberts audition the other day. Herley dragged me around the campus, which I really didn't care to see. Crazy Christian school. 

Went to a couple parties with Charles' Penfield crowd- the swim team and the managers. They're all good people. Stu is my favorite. We went to a Superbowl party in TIm Gerlach's "humble abode". I was rooting hard for the Sea Hawks, but alas. However, they did come out to "Bittersweet Symphony". Commercial selection was dissapointing, thought 'Jagger was gonna break a hip right then and there on stage. Even his lips seem to have deflated. Sad what old age does to you. Also went to a "Mohawk party" Saturday night. All the swimmers bleached their hair, now they all have mohawks, and Thursday night they shave their heads. I won't even submit you to what I think that looks like. Like being with his team, but was virtually ignored by Charles the whole time. We had our first real fight that night and the next morning. But besides that, I did get to help give Stu patches. ANd his team is good people, so not a horrible event. Kyle thought I was asking where his bedroom was when I asked for the bathroom. ...That was awkward.

Had drama club auditions the other night. Went to Laura's house beforehand. We went to the tanning salon, the lady thought we were both exchange students, had a senior reunion. Went back to her house, gained a new little friend- an adorable little girl named Fennel who took over me. Talked in her room, ate pizza, walked to Ash's to pick her up. Alex and I sang "Seasons of Love" in the street. ANd I made the poor morning choice of Crocs sans socks. I think I acquired my first case of frostbite. 

Got results for drama club. We are doing "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe", and I am cast as Susan. I have a feeling they will probably recast Lauren and I as she is currently playing the youngest girl and I am the oldest....and she's about a foot taller and looks years older than I. But it's going to be a great show, so come grace us with your presence.

COSTA RICA THIS SUNDAY. It is too exciting. But I'm convinced I should just put myself in a bubble and save us all the trouble. "Don't drink the water, you'll get diarrhea."  "Don't carry any money because you will be pick pocketed...But don't carry a card because you will be pickpocketed."  "You WILL get malaria in the canopy."  "The restaurant utensils will give you hepatitis."  "Don't drink anything, because big hairy Puorto Rican men will slip something into your drink, carry you off, and have their way with you."  This is all dramatic exageration, but come on, folks. I should just bubble myself, and be done with it. And Charles' mom really did warn me not to drink anything in case someone tries to slip something into my drink. Should I be worried his mom is more concerned about me than my own? But I can't wait for sun, friends, sights and pretty clothes. This is going to be the best trip ever. And I've dubbed us all "Costa Rican friends for LIFE!"  CRFFL, for short. :D Look for pictures after my trip.

A few hours to myself, then jazz band. By the way, Happy Valentines day, you little stinkers. Wish I could be with you today, Charles.

Love you, Charles.

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